Denise Jones Photography

Hi, I'm Denise Jones and I love photography!

Twentyfour years ago after the birth of my oldest daughter Millicent, my husband and I could not afford a "fancy photographer" for her one year portrait, so I pulled out my old Canon AE-1 and did it myself. I was so pleased with the way the pictures turned out that I have been taking pictures ever since.

My girls are growing up and my role as a mother is changing. It is now time for me to find a "New Gig." God has blessed me with something that I now hope to share with others. A quote that I found says it all:

" Find what makes you come alive and go do it, because what the world needs are people who have come alive."

That is the best way that I can describe the feeling I get when I am looking through the view finder. I love to shoot outdoors and use natural studio work for me! I enjoy finding new and exciting locations to shoot and I am always open for suggestions.

I would be honored to capture the special moments and memories of you, your family, children and friends.

I'm excited about sharing my love of photography with you and your family!.

Thanks for stopping by!